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Internet Safety 101: Empowering ParentsInternet Safety 101: Empowering ParentsInternet Safety 101: Empowering ParentsInternet Safety 101: Empowering ParentsInternet Safety 101: Empowering Parents


Thank you for joining in our various efforts to make the Internet safer for children and families!  Since 1994, Enough Is Enough (EIE) has been on the front lines of efforts to protect children online.  Year after year, one thing remains constant: parents, educators and other caring adults make the key difference in the battle to protect children from online threats.  

When it comes to the Internet, many parents can feel overwhelmed, uninformed or ill-equipped to protect children online, but the good news is that you don't need a Ph.D. in digital technology to protect children from the threats they face.  Studies continue to demonstrate that kids whose parents simply talk to them about Internet safety display significantly safer online behaviors; they are less likely to look at inappropriate content, talk to strangers and experience cyberbullying while online.

We have developed this site to: educate you about the dangers; to empower you with the ability to recognize the warning signs and with helpful ways to discuss Internet safety with your kids; and to equip you with the safety resources you need. We hope that you find this website and the other Internet Safety 101® Program resources helpful as you begin your journey to become an empowered protector of children!

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