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Internet Safety 101: Empowering Parents

 Our Sponsors & Partners

Enough Is Enough® (EIE) would like to thank our sponsors and partners for contributing to the efforts to educate, equip, and empower parents and other adults everywhere to protect children from the dangers online.  Our efforts would not be possible without their significant support! 

If you are interested in becoming an EIE National Sponsor please review the information below:

2015 Sponsor Benefits

Please contact us for more information about becoming an Internet Safety 101® Program Sponsor.

 National 101® Sponsors


Anshutz Foundation

Cardinal Bank

Diana Davis Spencer Foundation

Front Porch Foundation




U.S. Department of Justice (OJJDP)

National 101® Partners

The Salvation Army

Altitude Media




Josh McDowell Ministries

Maryland PTA

Metropolitan Community College (Omaha, Nebraska)

Morality in Media

National Coalition to Protect Child Sexual Abuse



Utah Council for Crime Prevention

Utah PTA

Virginia Family Foundation

Virginia PBS

Virginia PTA

Virginia Attorney General

War on Illegal Pornography Coalition

Women for Decency


Enough Is Enough® would also like to recognize the organizations, foundations and corporations that directly contributed to the creation of the Internet Safety 101® Program.  These founding sponsors and partners enabled us to develop, test and produce the landmark DVD teaching series and workbook.  Without their initial support for the program, we could not have created this critical resource to prevent Internet-initiated crimes against children. 

 Founding Circle Sponsors

Anschutz Foundation



Fieldstead & Company

MDRT Foundation

McNichols Foundation


Shelby Collum Davis Foundation

U.S. Department of Justice (OJJDP)


Wiebe Foundation


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