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The Enough Is Enough℠ (EIE) mission is to Make the Internet Safer for Children and Families. We emerged as a national leader in Internet safety in 1994, and we have pioneered efforts to raise public awareness about the dangers of Internet pornography, sexual predators, cyberbullying, and other Internet threats.  We advance solutions that promote equality, fairness and respect for human dignity with shared responsibility between the public, technology, and the law. We stand for freedom of speech as defined by the Constitution of the United States; for a culture where all people are respected and valued; for a childhood with a protected period of innocence; for healthy sexuality; and for a society free from sexual exploitation.

Enough Is Enough℠ is frequently sought out by the media, educators, policy makers, law enforcement officials, and industry leaders for our expertise on solutions for ensuring that children have a safe and rewarding experience online.  Enough Is Enough℠ staff regularly provide interviews to leading national news broadcasts as a trusted experts on Internet safety issues.
EIE has been featured on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, DatelineThe Today ShowOprah20/20The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Washington Post, USA Today, The Washington Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, The San Jose Mercury News and People Magazine, among others.
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