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Internet Safety 101: Empowering ParentsInternet Safety 101: Empowering ParentsInternet Safety 101: Empowering ParentsInternet Safety 101: Empowering ParentsInternet Safety 101: Empowering Parents


Defending children against these dangers can seem like an overwhelming task.  While there is no silver bullet to keep kids safe in the virtual space, the good news it that you don’t need a Ph.D. in Internet technology to be a great cyber-parent.  However, you do need to make a commitment to become familiar with the technology your children use and to stay current with Internet safety issues. 

Over the years we have seen that, although the content and the capabilities of the Internet have evolved, the basics you need to know to keep kids safe in this ever-evolving digital world continue to hold true. Although kids are now at risk of encountering inappropriate content and dangerous people across multiple Internet platforms, the basic modus operandi utilized online by the pornography industry and sexual predators have not significantly changed. Even more promising: the basics of Internet safety have not changed significantly, either. It’s upon these fundamental Internet safety principles—basic safety rules and software tools (Rules ’N Tools®)—that we have built our national reputation for effective Internet safety education.

To use a sports analogy: the best coaches often teach their teams the basic plays of the game and train them to execute those plays well.  In this Rules ‘N Tools® Safety Section, we hope to teach you the fundamentals of Internet Safety 101® Rules N’ Tools® and equip you to implement these basic measures to help you to become an empowered protector of the children entrusted under your care.

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